We’re getting married today!

I’m laying in bed in out hotel and listening to my bride to be
Make her flower bouquet. The curtains are open, and all the rain
From the last few days is completely gone! It’s a stark blue sky,
So bright, not onesingle cloud in sight. Music is playing in our room
At Smyth hotel and 7 hours our wedding ceremony will begin!

It’s been a BUSY but incredible few months planning for this.
So much has been prepared and thought out, but today is all
About celebrating! We had an amazing dinner last night with
Our family and closest friends. So good! And tonight, even more
People will be there and we can’t wait!

It’s an amazing adventure we’re on, so many incredibly beautiful
Things have already surrounded our lives together…

The wonderful thing is there are so so so many more awaiting
Us as husband and wife! It’s almost time!!!

2 Responses to “We’re getting married today!”

  1. Christina+Mitch says:

    You 2 are an AMAZING pair. I adored witnessing the authentic Love you have for each other. Makes me all mushy inside! Congratulations!!!!

  2. Mom B says:

    Save this beautiful web site…a treasure!

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